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Bring The Music 2U specializes in providing in-home music lessons for guitar, drums, and piano with some coaching for singing and playing. Students are taught to perform as singer players, soloists, and rock groups. They are taught skills for performing music and given creative tools for writing original tunes.

Instruments taught: guitar, drums, piano, and some singing

Topics taught: individual performance, family & friends rock group performance, composition and songwriting

Styles taught: classical, pop, rock, metal, jazz, country, and blues

Your first lesson is treated as a free consultation!

Call or Text: (480)528-2917

Contact Email Address: info@bringthemusic2u.com

Comfortable & Convenient

Lessons are taught in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Lesson routes are carefully structured to be consistent. Lesson timers are set and the lesson is never cut short. The teacher is then available for brief interaction with the student or parent. The student gets quality attention and unlike some music store lessons, is never rushed out the door at the end. The teacher also makes it a personal priority to always respect the client’s home with great care.

Quality Expertise

Music lessons are provided by a teacher who has significant experience in both classical and rock group performances. Your teacher has significant experience teaching, performing and writing in both styles. Your teacher has been a dedicated teacher for 15 years and has seen some students go on to perform in college, some in recording studios, and others in the clubs. Your teacher knows when to keep it simple for the student the early stages of development, and your teacher knows when to start pushing the advanced drills for the advanced student.

Reasonable Pricing & Policies

Bring The Music 2U is a serious and yet affordable music lesson service. Prices range from $120 to $140 per month. Students are expected to be serious about sticking with it. Music skills never come over night, and stable routes are never created with uncommitted students. As a result you get a teacher who is dependable and committed to you.

Contact us at (480)528-2917 or info@bringthemusic2u.com