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15 Year Experience Teaching

Bring The Music 2U is owned and operated by Jason and Amy Gartner. We have been in existence as a formerly established business since 2012. Prior to forming Bring The Music 2U Jason had already been specializing in providing in-home music lessons for about 8 years.

Jason has consistently taught 30-40 private lessons per week for the past 7 years. He knows what it feels like to teach 55 lessons per week and feels this is significantly too much for one teacher to sustainably handle on an in-home music route. He feels that he has found the maximum reasonable volume and has learned how to consistently keep his schedule at a reasonably challenging volume.

Instruments Played

Jason plays electric guitar and 7 string guitar, classical and flamenco guitar, bass guitar and 5 string bass, piano and electronic keyboards, drums and electronic drums, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, and Native American flutes (an instrument that he learned how to make and play when he worked as a wilderness survivalist.)

Education & Private Lessons

Jason attended CGCC as a music major for 2 years and then ASU for 4 ½ years as a part time student in order to complete all of his major degree requirements. Each of those semesters required private classical guitar instruction making for a total of 6 ½ years of college level private classical guitar lessons. Jason can teach as high as helping you pass your college level audition if that’s your goal. This would require you to practice for 2 or more hours a day, almost every day, for a period of at least a couple years after you have basic proficiency. In other words, not just anybody gets into a music performance major program.

As a kid Jason started on piano. He played it on and off. He always liked it as a secondary instrument. He has taken college level lessons both at CGCC and ASU just to keep his skills alive. He has also taken some private lessons with several other teachers in order to further develop his technique and sense of teaching priorities. Jason can teach piano performance up to about level 6 and theory well beyond.

Jason originally started drums on his own, occasionally receiving tips from drummers in the bands in which he played. He spent about a year after going into teaching taking lessons with teachers such as Robert Valverde, Kit Halloff and Josh Gottry. He actually has a significant library of drum lesson videos and books from which he has studied for years and continues to develop. He can teach students to perform rock and pop music and handle significantly challenging repertoire. Jason truly enjoys the athleticism of drums.

Jason has taken some voice lessons (less than a year.) He has taken several semesters of choir at CGCC and at ASU institute of religion for The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Days Saints. 

Performance Experience

Jason has played in several bands playing originals in styles such as metal, alternative punk, and jazz/pop crossover. He has also played in cover bands for parties and college jazz ensemble. Prior to college and after college, Jason spent a lot of time recording his own original material in programs such as Pro-Tools and Logic Pro. Since his early recording experience he has played his own guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and even sang. 

Jason played the American premiere of Stephen Goss’ lengthy and challenging suite for guitar and percussion Dark Knights And Holy Fools along with percussionist Brandon Blackburn. This piece required Jason to play mostly guitar but a significant amount of percussion. Stephen Goss flew out from England to coach Jason and Brandon on this performance.

Jason has performed in another master class with Argentinian classical guitarist and composer Marcelo Coronel. This was a true privilege for Jason as he had previously spent time living in Argentina and had a great appreciation for the Argentine traditional guitar styles in which Marcelo composed.

Jason was the winner of the composition competition held by the Maricopa Community Colleges in his last semester at CGCC with his piece Homage To Great Guitarists. He then performed his piece at the Orpheum Theater. 

Jason has participated in several studio recordings with very accomplished studio engineers.

Jason’s Relevant Hobbies

Jason’s hobbies include being multilingual and strongman training and competition. These are fun hobbies and help Jason to develop even more ideas about how skill and fluency are acquired in music.

Jason often makes the most of his time between lessons by listening to audiobooks and podcasts discussing self improvement in music, business, sports, teaching, communication, and general personal development. He has read several books on teaching music and creating policies.

Amy’s Relevant Experience

Amy grew up in a family of small business owners and often was employed to do the books or scheduling for her family businesses. She has been doing the books, invoicing, and scheduling for Bring The Music 2U for the past 5 years. She has taken college classes that have further developed her bookkeeping skills. She is sincerely friendly, very dependable, and strictly organized which makes her great for the job.

Amy spent several years in honors and madrigals choirs and 1 semester as a vocal performance major. She also occasionally enjoys playing some basic piano or guitar. Her love of music and personal experience developing talent helps her to relate to you.

Examples Of Jason’s Repertoire

Jason’s personal sheet music library is massive. He has performed far too many pieces of music to count. Here are some examples of what Jason has learned and performed in the past.


Jason performed on about 10 songs by Courtney Cotter King. Jason performed as the guitarist for her group for the album Rooftops writing his own parts. This album can be purchased on Amazon, iTunes, etc.

The entire second half of Jason’s senior recital at ASU consisted of about 30 minutes of original compositions. Recuerdos De Buenos Aires was a very advanced suite consisting of 4 movements. Cordaberta And The Slurristas was a more intermediate suite with 5 movements. Homage To Guitarists Of Argentina was another more advanced suite with 3 movements.

He performed on about 10 songs by the alternative punk group Merge. Jason specialized in writing the lead guitar and solo parts for this band.

He spent about 4 years performing about 20 original songs consisting of several changes such as intros, bridges, solos, outros, and a couple of songs that were basically musical journeys by his metal group Overhazia for which he was the main writer. This was when he was in his early 20s. This band opened for several famous groups, most notably, Testament.

He has played in other short lived groups that wrote originals that never really made it to regular performances. He also has hundreds of rock band compositions in which he has performed all instruments in his own home studio throughout the last 18 years.

Classical Guitar

Jason’s entire junior recital at ASU consisted of classical sonatas by Mauro Giuliani, Fernando Sor, and Ferdinando Carulli. He took a special interest in sonata form and learned several additional sonatas that never saw recitals.

Jason’s entire Senior recital consisted of compositions by living composers. The first half consisted of works by Muriel Anderson, Mark Anthony Cruz, Jorge Morel, Marcelo Colonel, Sergio Assad, and several other talented modern composers. The second half consisted of original works by Jason himself.

Jason received special recognition for performing the American Premier for Stephen Goss’ Dark Knights And Holy Fools in the first semester of his junior year at ASU. He also received special recognition for his performance and composition on Homage To Great Guitarists which won the chancellor’s award while attending CGCC.

Jason’s classical repertoire goes much much deeper than the above mentioned pieces. It is too much to list. Therefore, only standout repertoire is listed.


CPE Bach’s Solfeggietto

J.S. Bach’s 2 Part Invention in F Major

J.S. Bach’s Prelude In C Major

Beethovens’s Moonlight Sonata 1st Movement

Beethoven’s Feur Elise

Chopin’s Prelude In B Minor

Mozart’s Sonata Facile 1st Movement (proficient at first half, slow at second half)

Gounod’s March Of The Marionettes

Debussy’s Claire de Lune (proficient at first half, slow at second half)

Jason regularly plays hymns for sight reading practice and has learned several other less significant classical pieces.


Walk This Way by Aerosmith

Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy

Bad by Michael Jackson

Happy by Pharrell Williams

Rock You Like A Hurricane by The Scorpions

Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

Enter Sandman by Metallica

All We Know by The Chainsmokers

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye

We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister

Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf

Back In Black by AC/DC

Looks That Kill by Motley Crue

Animals by Maroon 5

Holy Wars by Megadeth

These are just some examples of the songs that Jason has worked through and learned how to play. He regularly practices a variety of beat styles to keep him ready to teach what’s needed for rock groups.

Electric Guitar

Tons of originals

Lots of Metallica and other thrashers

Lots of Randy Rhodes, Dokken and other classic rockers

A decent amount of Joe Satriani and Ynwie Malmsteen

A decent amount of Foo Fighters, Refreshments, and alternative punk

A decent amount of classic rock standards

Jason has taught so many electric guitar tunes that it’s impossible to count.


Jason is a reasonably talented tenor and sight singer. He has sung some Shubert as a hobby. He has sung in several choirs. He has sung back up vocals in rock groups and is capable of improvising harmonies fairly quickly.

Method Books Experience

Jason has created hundreds of pages of his own lesson materials and exercises. He has experience using dozens of technique, theory, repertoire, and lesson books by several different publishers for every instrument that he teaches. See our Teaching Philosophy page for more information on how and when he uses or recommends different methods.

Jason uses all of his experience to be able to quickly adapt to each individual student’s needs, rather than force a series of lessons and goals on a student. He blends his experience with the student’s input to create a highly individualized experience for each student. See our Teaching Philosophy page for more information.

Contact us at (480)528-2917 or info@bringthemusic2u.com