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How It Works

Setting Up Lessons

You begin by speaking with a representative of the company at (480)528-2917. Based on your musical interests, availability, and location, we will assign the best matched teacher to teach you. At your request, your teacher may give you a confirmation call, and further clarify details of your first meeting with him or her.


Pricing details vary from teacher to teacher but averages around $120 a month for a specialist teacher. For advanced students, it may be advisable to sign up for hour long lessons. For hour long lessons or multiple lessons in a row at the same house, we offer various package deals. Peak lesson times are between 3 pm and 8 pm.  Call (480)528-2917 to find out more.

Tips For Success

To make the most of your lessons, have your sheet music and everything else for the lesson ready and in place before your teacher arrives. Try to set up the lesson to happen in the same place that you will use as a practice place during the week. We strongly suggest that you own your own sheet music stand, metronome, tuner, pitch pipe, or any other accessories that are necessary for a highly effective practice routine. Many accessories are available in the form of apps nowadays. We can offer you suggestions on where to obtain such accessories, and on occasion we’re even able make the trip to the store for you. Also, you’re teacher will help you customize a plan to match your interests. We recommend that you keep notes from lessons, put those notes to practice during the week, and occasionally review your notes to see how you’ve progressed.

Prior to beginning lessons, you may have a lessons manager come to your house and provide tips on how to have an area effectively prepared to conduct your weekly lessons and daily practice routine. This is useful, because the most important experience comes during the week when students practice the material covered in lessons. The lessons manager can also be reached at (480)528-2917.

Time Considerations

Your teacher is scheduled to come to your house or a place convenient to you. Your teacher begins timing the lesson within 5 minutes of arriving at your house. You should be available for your lesson by 15 minutes prior to your scheduled lesson time, and we guarantee that your teacher will be there within 15 minutes of the exact scheduled time. The 15 minute window before and after the exact scheduled time is simply to allow for unforeseen traffic events as we drive from lesson to lesson for the day.

Billing Considerations

For your lessons you will be billed monthly by Bring The Music 2U, LLC at the end of the previous month. Lesson times are reserved for you after you have paid. The cost of missed lessons is not refunded, as it is a monthly bill.

Recitals & Group Programs

We encourage you to participate in recitals a couple of times a year. We occasionally will offer rock camps, group lessons, and other opportunities to help our students excel. When these come available, you will be informed by mail, email, or a representative of the company.

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