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About Us

About Us

The concept of Bring The Music 2U first began to develop when I was teaching at a music store. On several occasions busy moms would mention to me that they wanted to have more of their kids taking lessons, but that having all their kids with them while waiting for one student to finish lessons already felt like too much. It was also surprisingly common to have an adult student who was driving himself to lessons say that it would sure be nice if I could go to his place where he had all of his books, guitars and other music tools. It soon became obvious to me that going to the house of the student was almost always more beneficial for them than having them come to me. I began to put out flyers and offer this option to every new student that contacted me. It became easier for parents to stick it out during the busy seasons as long as I was going to them. Kids acted more comfortable in lessons when I was the one going to their place. Seeing them comfortable made it easier for me to make lessons fun for them. Soon I decided to specialize in teaching in-home music lessons.

After making that decision, I began to discuss it with other music teachers. They found the idea to be interesting. It occurred to me that developing a full service music lesson company would be beneficial for lots of people. So, I formed Bring The Music 2U.

At first there were just 3 of us, Jason Spencer teaching Guitar and Voice, Peter Costa teaching Piano and Drums, and I taught Guitar and Bass. Soon we were joined by more teachers. After a while it became obvious that specializing in teaching pop music instruments such as guitar, piano, voice and drums was very beneficial for students of those instruments. We began having students form rock groups or in-home guitar lesson groups. We have had regular recitals and rock bands are a regular part of the recitals. A few of our students are already starting to develop their own reputation playing and gigging in rock groups.

I am careful with each teacher that I interview to ensure that they have a very positive attitude and professional abilities. I am committed to helping them grow so that they can provide fantastic service to each of our students. With my wife as an assistant manager, my brother as accountability coach, several expert teachers, and some great consultants, I am confident that we are already providing great service, and I am committed to continual improvement. We greatly value strong families, and hopefully our service allows moms and family members to not be spread out so much, but actually be able to be together in the home while each receives their lesson one at a time. This is our commitment. We hope to hear from you. Sincerely, Jason Gartner (Owner)

Our Teachers

Guitar Teachers

Skyler Hale

Jason Gartner – Click to learn about Jason Gartner

Melinda Koniuszy – Click to learn about Melinda Koniuszy

Ryan Hollingshead – Click to learn about Ryan Hollingshead

Piano Teachers

Ryan Hollingshead – Click to learn about Ryan Hollingshead

Melinda Koniuszy – Click to learn about Melinda Koniuszy

Whitney Chapman – Click to learn about Whitney Chapman

Courtney Cotter-King – Click to learn about Courtney Cotter-King

Jason Gartner – Click to learn about Jason Gartner

Drums Teachers

Jason Gartner- Click to learn about Jason Gartner

Bass Teachers

Jason Gartner- Click to learn about Jason Gartner

Voice Teachers

Melinda Koniuszy – Click to learn about Melinda Koniuszy

Ryan Hollingshead – Click to learn about Ryan Hollingshead

Business Office Address

Bring The Music 2U, LLC

P.O. Box 2192

Mesa, AZ 85214

Mission Statements

Bring The Music 2U, LLC

Description: BTM2U provides in-home music lessons as our main service, while continuing to expand our services to include: group classes, online lessons, music composition collaborations, methods publication, etc.

Company Mission Statement: Our goal is to provide high-quality music lessons to students that match the student’s goals with tools from the instructor to help them meet those goals. We strive to give them a sense of accountability for their own progress and we seek to help them recognize their accomplishments as they take each step. We hope that by providing our service in the comfort of the home of the student that families will feel less stress over what should be a pleasant and fun experience.