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Courtney Cotter-King

Expertise: Piano and Keyboards, Songwriting

Additional Proficiences: Voice

Major Styles of Music: Classical, Jazz-influenced Alternative, pop, blue grass influenced, progressive rock influenced

Courtney Cotter-King has been playing piano by ear since she was three years old. This led to songwriting. She is an indie artist infusing jazz, classical and folk into her piano driven melodies. Her biggest influences are Stevie Wonder, Tori Amos and Fiona Apple. She released her first album “My Happy” and a Christmas single “I believe in Santa Clause” in 2010 and her album “Home I Roam” in 2011. She is releasing an album called “Rooftops” with Fervor Records in fall of 2013. She received her Audio Production Degree and plans to continue her studies in music business as well.

Education- currently being updated