The East Valley's Provider of In-home Music Lessons

Jason Gartner

Expertise: Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

Additional Proficiencies: 12-String Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano, Percussion, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo, Dulcimer

Major Styles of Music: Rock and Pop, Classical, Metal, Classical/Jazz Crossover

Additional Styles of Music: Jazz, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Flamenco, Latin Folk Styles

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese

Teaching Experience

Jason Gartner has been playing guitar for 29 years and teaching it for 12 years. Jason has played piano off and on since he was 8 and started teaching piano 5 years ago. He has also played drums off and on for about 13 years and taught drums for about 6 years now. He currently teaches about 30 guitar lessons, 15 piano lessons, and 5 drum lessons every week. He has taught in music stores in the past, but has found in-home music lessons to be more effective. He currently teaches in-home one-on-one lessons, in-home group guitar classes, and in-home rock band classes. Currently he operates Bring The Music 2U.

Sample Video Lessons & Performances From Jason Gartner

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Basic 12 Bar Blues Rhythm

Pentatonic scale up fretboard

3 Basic Scale Systems For Guitar

Using Famous Licks to Develop Your Own Soloing Style

Getting to know your fretboard, part 1

Know your fretboard pt 2

Know your fretboard pt 3

Reposition and Refingering

Lego House & suggestions

Power Chords & a few famous guitar riffs

The Blues Scale

5 Basic Chord Shapes for Guitar

I IV V in Key of G, with C(add9)

Guitar Lesson on Triads

Sweet Home Alabama Guitar Lesson

Jason Gartner sight reads Carcassi’s Opus 60 no 1

Carcassi Etude 2, slow and fast

Carcassi Etude 3

Jason Gartner sight reads Carcassi’s Etude 7

Brief Bio

Jason Gartner began playing piano at 8 years old, solo singing at 11, guitar at 14, and drums in his 20s. While he put effort into piano, drums and other instruments throughout the years, guitar was always his favorite instrument. At the young age of 8 years old, Jason already began exploring writing his own music, although on a very simple level at that age. In high school he began to more aggressively pursue songwriting and soon after high school found himself playing in a band in clubs all over the Phoenix Valley and Payson area.

As a high school youth, Jason began to develop respect for advanced music training due to the influences of guitar heroes like Randy Rhoads, Alex Skolnick, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Yngwie Malmsteen, and the likes. At 31 years old, Jason left pursuing a degree in business to study music, first at CGCC, then at ASU. In CGCC he specialized in composition and a received a combination of jazz and classical guitar instruction. In ASU he specialized in classical guitar where he put a particularly focused effort into learning classical guitar sonatas and modern guitar compositions. Jason has also participated in classical guitar master classes, jazz master classes, and flamenco workshops, finding himself specializing in learning from guitarist/composers.

Performance & Writing Accomplishments

Throughout the years, Jason has played in multiple groups in styles varying from very heavy metal to the more light-hearted styles of alternative rock, and has recorded in professional studios such as the Saltmine. On several occasions he has shared the stage with world famous groups. He has been privileged to perform an American premier of an important composition for guitar and percussion by Dr. Stephen Goss. He himself has been a Chancellor’s Award-winning composer in the Community College District of Maricopa County, having the opportunity to perform his own composition at the prestigious Herberger Theater. Jason has completed numerous compositions, for the classical guitar. Recently Jason had the privilege of performing on Courtney Cotter King’s third full length studio album produced by Bryan Kuban.