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In-Home Piano Lessons

Why should I learn to play the Piano?

The piano is probably the most common choice for first-time music students. It is laid out in a way that makes several aspects of beginning level music theory more obvious than on most other instruments. Peaceful, thunderous, full and light, the piano can also evoke so many emotions. It is an excellent tool for songwriters and composers and has been the instrument of choice of most of the “Great Composers,” because of it’s extensive harmonic and contrapuntal possibilities. With modern technology the electronic keyboard is capable of convincing imitations of most instruments, and some of the most exciting special effects heard in modern music, and so it is often what we hear in a professional film score.

What are the benefits of In-home Piano Lessons?

The two biggest benefits of piano lessons in your home are; familiarity and convenience.

In terms of familiarity, taking lessons in a studio is not the ideal. You are forced to learn piano on their instrument and on their bench. One of the most important thing for a music teacher to teach is practice, and in order to do this most effectively, the teacher should be able to see how you fit with your instrument in your home.

In-home music lessons are highly recommended for piano students as transporting your instrument is not convenient. We also provide lessons at a time that works for you. overall making the in home music experience much more rewarding and successful.

Which areas of the East Valley do you serve?

We provide piano lessons in the following cities: Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, and East Phoenix.

Can I take piano lessons if I don’t own a Piano?

For beginners, electronic keyboards are a very effective and affordable option. Call us (480)528-2917 for ideas on where to find great deals on pianos and keyboards.