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In-Home Drum Lessons

Why should I learn to play drums?

One of the most exciting and energizing instruments to play, the drums are the foundation of most great songs. In the studio, it is almost always the drummer who records his or her part first. Great drummers are always in demand. It’s much harder to find a good drummer than any other instrumentalist in pop music. Once you get past your first couple of beats on drums, they become irresistibly fun. Drums are thought by some to be too loud to have in the home, but nowadays, electronic drum kits have become very convincing sounding. And, what’s more, you can turn the volume way down or use headphones to make them very tolerable for people who hesitate to have a loud instrument in their home.

The benefits of taking drum lessons in your home

In-home music lessons are highly recommended for drum students as transporting your instrument is not convenient. To take lessons in your teacher’s studio would force you to learn on their instrument and stool. One of the most important things for a music teacher to teach is practice, and in order to do this most effectively, the teacher should be able to see how you fit with your instrument in your home.

Electric drums or acoustic drums?

Both electronic and acoustic beginning drum sets are quite usable and affordable. Call us (480)528-2917 for ideas on where to find great deals on drums.