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Policies & Pricing

Why Have Policies?

We are committed to you. We are committed to continue to develop the effectiveness and convenience of in-home music lessons with Bring The Music 2U. We are committed to helping you follow through in developing proficiency at your instrument of choice. We sacrifice a little of our ability to work out of a comfortable location for us in order to come to you because we know that some families are really busy and don’t need one more trip to make. 

We also have noticed that the longer a student sticks with music lessons, the more likely they are to get proficient. We believe that coming to you increases the probability of your success by removing one more obstacle for you. We have had several students achieve higher levels of accomplishment by performing in bands, in clubs, in studios, and in college, and we believe that our in home model helped make this possible for them.

We also believe that taking significant time off from lessons (I.E.: a month or more) doesn’t help you progress. We have noticed that the “summer slide” (the loss of skills as a result of taking breaks) is a very real thing for people who take too much time off. 

Also for an in-home music lessons route to work, there needs to be a reasonable level of consistency and dependability on the parts of both the student and the teacher. A cancelled lesson on the part of a student usually means that a teacher is trying to find some place to spend their time between lessons or else scrambling to rearrange their schedule.

The Lesson Year And Time Off

Therefore, there is no per lesson price with Bring The Music 2U. Instead there is a monthly price and a commitment to stick with lessons for the Lesson Year. We define the Lesson Year as August to July to align ourselves with natural flow of the school year. We know that there will be occasional missed lessons on the part of the student and that the teacher occasionally needs a day off. Therefore, we have developed a credit system that allows for time off for the student with a retainer fee for the teacher and a consistent monthly pricing system (most teachers charge extra on the months that you would have 5 lessons) that allows the teacher to take a 4 days off per year.

Here is a quick breakdown of our policies and pricing:

  • The Lesson Year is from August to July.
  • A student may sign up at any time, but they commit to continue through until the end of July.
  • Billing is the week before the beginning of every month.
  • Prices are qualifications based.
  • Guitar lessons cost $136 monthly
  • Rock group lessons cost $136 monthly
  • Drum lessons cost $120 monthly
  • Piano lessons cost $120 monthly
  • Additional students in the same house/appointment are charged $14 less.
  • There is a Scheduled Arrival Time Window (S.A.T.W.) of 30 minutes. I.E. your teacher may arrive sometime between 3:15 and 3:45. 
  • The student should be available for the teacher during the S.A.T.W. If the teacher is later than the S.A.T.W.  they can choose to take their lesson of ask for a $1.50 credit for every minute the teacher is late.
  • The Teacher takes 4 of each day (M,T,W,Th,Fr,Sat) off per year and this is documented in your monthly invoice.
  • Each student may take up to 10 credits of $17 for missed lessons per year. These are only applied if the teacher is notified in advance.
  • Student should keep the handouts, lessons and sheet music in an organized manner and practice what their teacher teaches them.
  • We offer a minimum of 2 recitals per year.
  • Your teacher is committed to continue developing their talent as a teacher and musician.
  • If a student intends to discontinue lessons, they should give the teacher 30 days notice minimum during the months of June, July, or August, keeping in mind your commitment to continue until the end of July at least.
  • No legal action is ever taken against a student who violates the terms of the lesson contract. The contract is rarely violated. People are generally satisfied with our service and trustworthy in their commitments. 

Contact us at (480)528-2917 or info@bringthemusic2u.com